The Sven Hedin Foundation – Copyrights.

In his will of 1952, Sven Hedin donated most of his estate to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences; to a Foundation in his name. This donation contains among other things the copyright to his published works, his photographs, films, maps and drawings. The income generated by these rights is kept for running the Foundation and for furthering publication of material from his expeditions. It is also used for making information on Hedin collections and resources known, thereby easing access.

With current legislation the copyright enjoyed by the Foundation will expire only in 2022.

The Sven Hedin Foundation is ready to consider requests for reprinting literary and scientific works by Sven Hedin, translating them into new languages or publishing them as e-books. Decisions are made according to the principles governing the Foundation and fees are levied according to known international standards. The Foundation may also reduce or even remit its charges if the request is of a kind considered to be of special interest.

Requests should be directed to:


Violations of the Foundation’s copyright unfortunately do take place; in India on a large scale, regrettably also by publishers in other countries. Such publications should of course not be traded and bought. In case of uncertainty about a publication the Foundation should be contacted.

The Foundation has not so far granted any permission to digitize any of Hedin’s works, and the ones which can be found on the net have been launched without its consent.

Neither has the Foundation so far permitted any of the print-on-demand editions of his works offered for purchase. The ones available are thus “pirate-editions”.

Requests for using photographs, sections from films, maps or drawings/water colours from the Hedin archives should be directed to: copy to: