There are many sources to explore for those interested in Sven Hedin, his life and works; his own books and his archives, biographical books and articles about him focusing on various aspects of his eventful life…. The short text offered on this site is just one out of many possible texts, and is in no way intended to present his complete biography, neither now nor in the future. For one thing it does not focus on his expeditions, though they are mentioned and placed in the chronology. For those who are in need of immediate information of that kind on the net they can be referred to Wikipedia’s articles on him in different languages.
The Sven Hedin website is meant to make it possible for the user to find the way to sources perhaps not known to him/her. It will take time to develop such a site, but it it is intended to step by step contain the following elements, other elements will be found under “collections”:

  • 01. Genealogies of the Hedin family and genealogical information on important people listed there.
  • 02. A list of biographical books and articles.
  • 03. Sven Hedin’s bibliography.
  • 04. A timeline for Sven Hedin. (His life is so well documented by himself, his family or the media that one for almost every day in his adult life can determine what he did, whom he met.)
  • 05. A guide to Hedin-related spots in Stockholm and outside.
  • 06. Biographical information and relevant bibliographies of scientists who worked closely with Sven Hedin or analysed materials collected by him.

After it has been launched users of this website are invited to contribute information to it, or point to information in need of being corrected. Then turn to: