Individual copies of all the 13 sheets of the Sven Hedin Central Asia Atlas are available for sale.

Sven Hedin Central Asia Atlas. 1:1.000.000,
Erik Norin and Gösta Montell 1969
13 sheets: available individually at SEK 250:- each
•NK 44 A-K’o-Su;
•NK 45 T’u-Lu-Fan (Turfan);
•NK 46 Ha-Mi;
•NK 47 O-Chi-Na Ho;
•NK 48 Dalan Dzadagad;
•NK 49 Kuei-Sui;
•NJ 43 Su-Fu (Kashgar Kone Shahr);
•NJ 44 Ho-Tien;
•NJ 45 Ch’ieh-Mo (Charchan Bazar);
•NJ 46 Tsaidam;
•NJ 47 Ch’ing Hai;
•NI 44 Pangong Tso;
•NI 45 Chikhitei Tsho;

The buyer will be sent an invoice for book-charge, postage and handling to be paid to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences – The Sven Hedin Foundation.

Orders or requests for information should be directed to