Publications and materials available from the Sven Hedin Foundation
The Sven Hedin Foundation will offer scientific books, travelogues and other books by Sven Hedin, small prints, maps and reproductions of drawings and watercolours from its stores. In many cases this will present unique opportunities to acquire out of print and rare materials related to Sven Hedin and Central Asian Research, at attractive prices.

To start with we will offer publications from the:
Reports from the Scientific Expedition to the North-western Provinces of China under the leadership of Dr. Sven Hedin (1927-1935).
So far 56 volumes have been published in that series, and many of them are still in print. Further volumes are in the pipeline. In the future individual copies of volumes today listed as “out of print” may very well be offered for sale.

Simultaneously all so far published volumes in the series:
Sven Hedin – Life and Letters, including the Hedin bibliography in two volumes are offered for sale (except for the Swedish edition of Sven Hedin as Artist which is o.o.p.)

As well as copies of the rare and early publication:
Conrady, August: Die Chinesischen Handschriften und sonstigen Kleinfunde Sven Hedins in Lou Lan, Stockholm 1920

Individual copies of all the 13 sheets of the Sven Hedin Central Asia Atlas are also available for sale.

See the attached pdf:s for details and current prices.

The buyer will be sent an invoice for book-charge, postage and handling to be paid to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences – The Sven Hedin Foundation.

Keep your eyes open, further offers will be made in the future and announced on this website.

Orders or requests for information should be directed to